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Prayer  And  Thoughts  For  Shut-Ins
Christians need to remember to pray for those friends and acquaintances with illness that confines them at home, and for their Care-givers.  As we were reminded one time by Praise And Prayer Alert:  we should make a time to at least call those associated with our church fellowship to see how they are doing;  keep them updated on events they might like to know about;  offer to run a few errands for them;  maybe offer to stay with a shut-in so their Care-giver might get time to go somewhere;  etc..  There are many dear ones among us and everywhere, who are suffering diseases such as cancer, heart problems, MS, Parkinsons, mental problems, etc.   God expects us to show care for these.  They must not be neglected.    [adapted from Praise & Prayer Alert]

The desire of the Lord Jesus for His devoted followers (called "disciples") was that they be faithful and devoted to Him for their good, and they would thus be saved and mature in the faith. We do not see faithful ones called "disciples" after the ascension and the Church is formed in the book of Acts; and those who thereafter have loved Him are then established by the indwelling Holy Spirit, as spiritually "born again" SAINTS (sanctified ones). We do pray that all followers after the Lord's teaching today, will mature in the faith to become saints of God by the new birth (as John 3 & John 14:6); and this is through trust and RECEIVING the Lord Jesus ("the Christ of God"), into their heart (note John 3:35-36; 1 Jn. 5:11-12), to become the "children of God" and inherit eternal blessings ---a personal relationship. -- R. L. DeWitt

"ASK, and it shall be given you", the Lord Jesus said (as Luke 11:9-10). God really wants to bless all mankind, and it is for TRUE SEEKERS ---as were those faithful Disciples of the Lord. He wants that all mankind would always be trusting and acknowleging Him in faith. The devoted Twelve Disciples to the Lord Jesus were seeking to learn, and were later sanctified as saints, and sent forth as a witness in the world to establish the Church.   God -the Father, wants all honest seekers to come to Him through His "...beloved Son", for He loves us and surely knows what things we have need of before we ask (Matt. 6:6-8). This verse speaks of a state of soul before our Creator-God as one "quickened" ---awakened by the Spirit, which shows the need to be humble and an earnest seeker after God; and it is as one has said: "you can have as much of Christ as you want, and your life shows how much you want".   Jesus, the Christ living in one will make that one an overcomer of all bad and troubling things. God is looking for earnest and honest seekers, and will reward those who are earnest and not rebellious toward His "gift of life".  

"SEEK, and ye shall find"; true for salvation of a humble and honest seeker, and for heartfelt communion - Jer. 29:11-13; John 14:6.

"KNOCK, and it shall be opened unto you"; an earnest and faithful approach to God through His beloved Son will not be rejected ("...the door")    - John 10:7-9.


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