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By R. L. DeWitt
There seems to be a number of professing Christians who are occupied with angels, and while we understand some saints are enjoying the thought of the care given by these servants of God, this pre-occupation is not good for the spiritual life. What does God tell us about angels? We surely know nothing about them apart from the "Word Of God"; and speculation is not wise.

There are many thousands of angels, and they are sexless, exceedingly strong, and exceedingly wise; they serve God, and their mission on earth is to preserve and care for "elect" mankind. They are emissaries of God, and since He sends them we should be occupied with the SENDER rather than these messengers (Isa 42:1).   One needs to realize that angels are not intermediaries. Only "the Christ" by the Holy Spirit is the believer's INTERCESSOR before God--the Father, and it is demeaning to Him to exalt angels (Col. 2:18).

Angels are mostly the special beings God created to be servants, and some are fallen angels who followed Satan (then these were called "demons"). Several references to angels in Scripture are also made toward certain people who are true servants of God (messengers)....even the Lord Jesus (Gen. 48:15-16);  however, these are only general references to any beings given such a godly work –-which sometimes is translated as 'messenger'. Christ was not made an Angel (Heb.2:7-8) and men were not made as angels.  

The elect angels (those sealed by God --1 Tim. 5:21) are good servants and do exactly what God gives them to do ---true servants who do no more or less than what God gives them. We are glad for angels, but they should not be exalted (Rev. 22:8-9). One can read all the references to angels in God's Word and see the truth of this. We should surely not add to the Word and what it tells us.

It is the will of God that believers be occupied with His beloved Son. We can be thankful for those workers of God, but all of heaven is occupied with the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe the Word shows us that Jesus is our object alone (Matt.17:4-8). The Holy Spirit works on our mind in the spiritual realm, and the angels work in physical ways, but we must say with all respect: they are not our object. It can be confusing and misleading to refer to works by the Holy Spirit or spiritual men as Angels.  

Christ alone is our hope and joy, and the One we who are "born again" saints will go to meet one day. We will see Him and be with Him in the Father's house forever. He is the personage God gives us and for eternity, and the "Bridegroom" for the church, so should He not occupy our heart and minds now?  Jesus said: "Lo, I am with you always" (Matt. 28:20), so we need none other.

Is there not a danger of some religious icons, objects, or ideas usurping the Lord?   It seems demeaning to the "Christ of God" to look to any other.  "No man cometh (approaches) unto the Father, but by Me", Jesus said (John 14:6).
      --RLD: from; GM22; 2003; add 2005.