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The writer does not want to press on readers the ministry herein, but share thoughts and pray God will reveal the Word of Truth to those who are exercised thereby.  No one can be "pressed" into truth.  Those with concerns may feel free to write for some help or clarification. The desire is to help seekers.   -RLD:

[One trying to speak to the Holy Spirit of God]

Dear friend:
      As to your thoughts, I will say that if one understands John 14:23 one can see the Holy Trinity manifested. It is the Father (Creator-Jehovah ---person and mind of the Godhead), and the Lord Jesus (anointed Lord and Savior of the Godhead for mankind) come to make their abode in the true believer by the power, energy, and spiritual workings of God in His Spirit. That is God present (Matt. 18:20)!

      As I noted previously, no where in the Holy Word is man called to try speaking and communing with the Spirit ---that is only the imagination of men. The Spirit of God is simply the FATHER in outreach by grace to dwell as a Spirit in man as a temple. You and I cannot work outside of our body (except by letters or telephone, I suppose), but the Godhead can.

  We are called to pray to the Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus (who is now in Heaven), and we can also speak to the Lord Jesus in thanksgiving and praise for all that He is to us every hour every day. Then ALL blessings come from the Father by His Holy Spirit. By example: you would not address my brain if you should address me for conversation (I hope) ---you would acknowledge me as a person rather than a spirit. We should not go beyond Scripture and reason something more than what God shows us. All Bible references show our communion is with the Father and the Son (and by the Spirit); and we speak only of the Spirit in the THIRD person --He (not you). 

      It was nice to hear from you. Feel free to write me anytime if you wish.  - Sincerely in Christ Robert DeWitt: GL18; 09/15.  

  It is fairly evident in the Word of God that there is both a personal aspect and a collective aspect of worship. One is private thoughts of homage and adoration, and the other is mutual acts of honor, praise, and exaltation. While we don't want to dichotomize the subject, we want to make some distinctions, show something of what worship is, and help the saints to glorify God. J. N. Darby, a gifted Bible scholar of early 1800's, expressed worship of God thus: "It is the honor and adoration which are rendered to God by reason of what He is in Himself, and what He is for those who render it" (CW, Vol.7, p.88). It is the privilege of believers as "a holy priesthood" (I Pet.2:5).

  We could not know how to honor God in worship if He did not show us what is pleasing to Himself. We must not, therefore, deviate from the Word of God and be innovative (Ex.32:2-4; Lev.10:1; Luke 22:19-20; John 4:23-24). We ought to search the Scriptures (Acts 17:11), and apply worship as God shows us, not as we reason. We see the entering of the Spirit into "born again" saints when they receive the Lord Jesus (note John 16:7-14). That is the presence of the Godhead ---the silent teacher. We do not speak to the Spirit, but directly to God and our Savior. Surely we ought to give thanks, show love, and worship in the spirit and truth. Let us remember we only have our present time to honor God as shown, and "lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven" (Matt.6:19-21).